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NAME: Agátka

COURSE: Anglais pour enfants

I am writing on behalf of my daugher Agátka, who attends english lessons first year, she is very satisfied with Kristýna´s method and form of teaching. They found a common topic, which makes Agátka´s learning much easier and this is for children very important. We are happy to have her. Thank you.

NAME: Zuzka

COURSE: Cours interactif d‘anglais

I have been studying english for many years, but my attitude to this language was not good and thus I was not very good at it. Thanks to lessons with Kristy and her positive attitude I started changing my mind and looking forward to the lessons. I understood, that language learning does not have to be only about memorizing vocabulary and grammar, but I can be interested in articles, blogs, listen to audiobooks and watch movies in english, which I like, and thus improve my skills. I absolutely recommend Kristýna.

NAME: Pavla

COURSE: Cours interactif d‘anglais

I always thought I am not good at learning foreign languages but Kristýna showed me it was not true. Her way of teaching is great. I recommend it to everybody :-)

NAME: Iveta Závodská

COURSE: Cours interactif d‘anglais

I am 55 years old and my daughter has paid me several English lessons to try it and continue if I would have fun. I did not hesitate at all. I am always looking forward to the lesson, Kris has raised my confidence, her patience and kindness is endless. She even made me speak, which is a great success in my case. Kris is the best teacher I have ever met. Thanks Kris, I will continue!

NAME: Gianni Di Leo

COURSE: Cours interactif d‘anglais

I like my teacher! I recommend her to everyone! Her way of teaching and her personality motivate me to learn english! I am happy for my lessons! I feel so good to be able to understand this language. Finally! Kristy encouraged me to be able to speak without being afraid of making a mistake. This is what I needed. I love my english classes. :)

NAME: Kateřina Kubrická

COURSE: Cours interactif d‘anglais

I have been studying with Kiki for more than a year now. I used to be afraid of individual classes, because I was shy to speak. With Kiki I found out that I do not need to worry and be shy, Kiki is very sympathetic, kind and nice, I always look forward to the lessons with her. What is a great advantage is her individual approach - every time I needed to review something to school, she always helped me. Another advantage is that we focus on my personal weaknesses and thus improve exactly what I need.

NAME: Veronika Tomášková

COURSE: Cours interactif d‘espagnol

I started with my Spanish as a complete beginner two months ago. I got a recommendation from my friend and I could not have chosen better. I have never experienced a more fun and dynamic lesson. I always feel very comfortable. Kristyna is very friendly, hospitable and her lessons are always fun and effective. Thanks to that I remember a lot from the lesson and I do not have to study hard at home. Kristyna makes each lesson interesting and funny. I always look forward to the next one. I can recommend Kristyna to everybody. Kristyna es perfecta.

NAME: Evička (11)

COURSE: Anglais pour enfants

I have attended English conversation for 2 years now. Kristýna is very kind, nice. She likes her students. Her lessons are very interesting and teach you a lot. It is clear that she likes her job. She helps me with everything and I have a lot of fun with her. I like her.

NAME: Miroslav Krčmář

COURSE: Cours interactif d‘anglais

I was a little worried about starting my english studies, but it was all over when I met a flexible and professional teacher Kristýna Billová. She explains everything clearly and with patience. The direct method of questions and answers with immediate practise in sentences and phrases is effective and efficient. What is also very positive is the teacher´s enthusiasm and responsible repetition. To summarize I would say “the best experience” of selecting this English teacher.

NAME: Šárka Mertíková

COURSE: Cours interactif d‘espagnol

My teacher Kristýna is very kind, patient, responsible and able to create interest in the lesson. She adjusts the lesson to the student´s need. She always focuses on getting rid of shyness and fear of speaking in spanish lessons. The atmosphere is very pleasant. I am very satisfied with this teacher and recommend her!

NAME: Robert Sanlaville

COURSE: Tchèque interactif pour étrangers

Je suis un travailleur étranger et suis des cours de tchèque avec Kristýna depuis plus d’un an maintenant, et j’apprécie vraiment chaque cours. Sa façon d’enseigner le tchèque est très pratique et fluide malgré la complexity de la langue. Sa méthode d’enseignement novatrice a eu un effet immédiat sur ma capacité à lire, écouter, et parler un tchèque basique après quelques mois. Plus important encore, sa compréhension de langues et cultures étrangères (anglais, espagnol, français, Amérique du Sud …) est un facteur majeur de son succès auprès des élèves. Je recommande fortement Kristýna comme professeur.